Example deployments

Deployment to GitHub gh-pages

This section describes the details of deploying our model applicatoin at GitHub pages service.

To simplify the deployment process, we are using the approach where the application site content is maintained in the repository's docs folder, as defined in the application's settings page (see screen-shot below)

Image 1

The actual process that results with the properly bundled skeleton-typescript sample running at https://aurelia-tools.github.io/ci-cd/ consists of the following steps

Step 1

Get the skeleton-typescript sample from Aurelia's latest release and build it using the command

npm install && jspm install && gulp watch

Verify that the application is running by issuing the command


Step 2

Build the bundled version and create the export folder by running:

gulp export

Step 3

Upload the content of the export folder to GitHub by copying the content of that folder to the local docs folder

Image 2

which is synced with its remote copy at https://github.com/aurelia-tools/ci-cd/tree/master/docs

Note: observe the manually added .gitignore file which ensures that the jspm_packages is not ignored in the sync with the remote repo (without this, the content of the "main .gitignore" would prevail and the jspm_packages folder would not be copied.

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