Aurelia Typescript Adventures

This book is my attempt to collect all relevant information needed to establish the current state of the art of development of Aurelia applications using Typescript and Visual studio code.

Articles of interest (unsorted)

A - just Aurelia / Typescript

Getting Started with Aurelia and TypeScript

Newbies Guide to Aurelia and TypeScript

Upgrading TSD to Typings in Aurelia

Getting Visual Studio Code To Work With Next Versions of TypeScript

Creating a Minimal Aurelia TypeScript & Webpack Application From Scratch

Aurelia TypeScript Samples

aurelia-skeleton-navigation (typescript)

B - Aurelia / Typescript KendoUI

Improving Development with TypeScript (this one is really about Angular - not Aurelia, but I plan to address that)

C - Aurelia / Typescript / vscode

Introducing The Aurelia VS Code Plugin see also Aurelia Visual Studio Code Extension

Aurelia Snippets for VS Code

Creating an Aurelia project with Visual Studio code and TypeScript from scratch

D - Just Typescript and vscode

Editing TypeScript

Migrating from typings to npm @types

E - misc

How to use jQuery with TypeScript

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